Napoleon dismembers Prussia into puppet duchies

Apr 2019
I came up with an idea of this ATL history scenario, in which Napoleon decides to dismember Prussia completely and erase its name.

Instead the following countries are created:

Kingdom of Brandenburg (Napoleon forces Prussia to rename itself Brandenburg after losing all real Prussian areas)
Duchy of Warsaw (larger than OTL - includes also eastern parts of pre-1772 Polish Royal Prussia, Masuria and Warmia)
Duchy of Cassubia (includes western parts of pre-1772 Polish Royal Prussia and four eastern counties of Pommern*)
Duchy of Kleinlittaw and Sudovia (Lietuvininkai-inhabited part of East Prussia and parts of OTL Duchy of Warsaw)
Duchy of Konigsberg (whatever is left of actual Prussia becomes a rump state of Konigsberg, name Prussia is erased)

Region of Bialystok is transferred to the Russian Empire just like in OTL Treaty of Tilsit of 1807 - Treaties of Tilsit - Wikipedia

In the map:

Dark blue line = OTL border of the Duchy of Warsaw
Light blue line = OTL Polish borders after World War I
Green line = modern Our Time Line borders of Poland

*In case if you are wondering why eastern counties of Pommern were included in Kashubia, they were largely Kashubian around 1800:

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May 2014
Austria could actually get back Silesia which had been stolen from it by Prussia in the 1740s.

Perhaps Napoleon could partition Silesia between Saxony, Austria and the Duchy of Warsaw?
Yes, he could. However, considering that Austria would be just as capable of stabbing him in the back as Prussia would, why not dismember Austria as well?
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Oct 2010
What's the advantages from Napoleon's point of view, what is this dismemberment going to achieve?

The Prussians of course will hate him, but they already did, a but more so.

The Alexander will be miffed that Napoloen is more harsh to Prussia despite his intercession at Tilsit, and of course very concerned at the creation of a larger Polish state.

The Austrians and others will be thinking they are next.

Napoleon occupation and extraction of money from Prussia is not really going to change, the troops will still be needed no more money is going to be extracted.

Napoleon needed to may some real allies. This is not generally going to help.

Napoleon historically created a permanent enemy of the Prussians, without totally destroying them. This is closer to destruction, but why stop with reduced "Brandenburg " (which is just insult to massive injury) whats the small mercy of not quite destructiuon going to buy Napoleon? Some Hohenzollern Bandenberg Duke is going to like Napoleon? the Concept of Prussia and Germany is going to be earsed by these Border changes? These Duchies are somewhat artifical.

Strengthening Bavira, Saxony, and A real Poland might buy more local adhesion to regimes than these Duchies.
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May 2014
Pugsville is correct in regards to all of this. His last sentence here is an especially good piece of advice for Napoleon. :)