Nat Geo and Ebola ...


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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
Ok ... this time I have to request attention to a TV series [which in Italy we can watch on Nat Geo, this is the motivation for the title of this thread].

Well, I'm an NBC emergency operator [it means Nuclear Biological Chemical emergency] and frankly speaking I had my own difficulties to explain the real [low] biological hazard of ebola in our Western societies just here, on Historum.

Personally I don't like this series about ebola: it's based on sensationalist to gain audience, but it's not scientifically correct. And this is a bit disturbing and annoying.

Ebola is really weak. But really weak [otherwise we would have seen a good 20% of mankind exterminated by ebola]. So, I can understand the matter of audience to sell a product on TVs ... but when it's about a potential global plague ... I would suggest to be more scientifically accurate.