NatGeo series GENIUS, about Albert Einstein.

Jul 2017
Has anyone seen “Genius” ten chapters series on Nat Geo from april to june this year?

I really enjoyed it. I expected it would have time to develop some of Einstein’s theories, not just mention them.

But I want to ask you:

1- what’s your opinion on the way Einsten’s life and personality are shown in the series?

2- what’s your opinion about the way swiss and german societies are shown?
Apr 2016
Raleigh, NC
Yes, I liked it. I don't know much about Einstein's life and personality, but I found the depiction persuasive. The mythology about Einstein that has sort of floated around is that he was almost an autistic savant -- he failed arithmetic as a child! He was working in a patent office! He couldn't live like most people, but that's what genius is! The series did a good job of showing Einstein as a person rather than the stereotypical mental freak. I had also heard years ago that Einstein's theories might have been developed by his wife, rather than him. Again, the presentation in the series made sense. Einstein appeared as self-centered and selfish in the way self-confident people frequently are, despicable in the mediocre but made up for in the gifted and morally courageous.

The societies seemed OK, and the presentation of the academic world seemed well done, although I found the professors in Switzerland a bit more taken up with Einstein's character than is entirely plausible.

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