Naturalistic sculptures around the world and its objectives

Dec 2018
We all know about sculptures around the world, but some of them had a primary objective.

Starting with egyptians. Their objective was to represent their leaders.
images (16).jpeg
Exceptions: Seated scribe figure
images (17).jpeg
The figure is different from Egyptian styles and don't follow any beauty standarts from Egypt, such as perfect body idea. It's from a servant and it os very old - and comparable to later archaic greek sculptures.

Greeks: The objective was sculpting the Man. Not leaders, not gods for only worship (that implies political position and worship) but the man and his anatomy as the center, even with mythological figures, many weren't for worship but to show beauty. But there were also for gods and worship, of course. The man as the center is the reason why they achieved hyper-realism quickly. Hellenic period:
images (13).jpeg
Archaic period:
images (14).jpeg
Curiosity: As the one above, Early/first greek realistic sculptures (archaic) were clearly based on Egyptian ones
images (12).jpeg

Romans: Depict leaders and important figures. It also had a hyper-realistic style, that they borrowed from the greeks. Maybe common people were also depicted.

Chinese: Create hundreds of real life-size figures to protect the Emperor from in the Underworld. It seems it was the main goal
images (15).jpeg

West African: I didn't forget that one. Their objective was, as egyptians, depict kings and queens or maybe elite members as well. It seems they made a bigger effort than Egypt

Exceptions: Tsoede Seated figure, It doesn't seem from a crowned or elite figure, It looks more like a common citizen. It shows movement and some facial expression (depending in perspective), but it has a bit of the Ife style found in other sculptures.

So, if you want show any world art that was produced, and if It, maybe, has any goal please, share with us.


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You have already posted this thread in an other section: decide which one is going to survive ...
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