Nazi consolidation of power in 1933 was due to the use of terror and violence


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Sep 2011
Yes I would agree with that.
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Feb 2013
Nope, it was due to intrigue among the former leaders of the DNVP, who all at the time saw Hitler as a tertiary puppet they could manipulate for their own anti-democratic interest. Joke was on them, of course. Alfred Hugenberg, Kurt von Sleicher, and Franz von Papen have all managed some amazing escapes from responsibility in a historical sense.


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May 2012
Here to Eternity
It's a bit of a simplification... a lot of people did I think believe in Hitler's vision and promises at the time. Heck he even fooled a load of other countries, it's not much of a stretch to see that he fooled a lot of his own people too.

Naturally after May 1945 many of them would say that they were bullied into it.

I'm not arguing that terror and violence weren't used, just that as a single explanation they don't tell the whole story imo.


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Oct 2010
The Nazis had a lot of popular support. But that support was short of a majority and did not give the Nazis enough seats to enable the forming of the dictatorship. The forming of the dictatorship was done with illegal acts, backed by intimidation and terror. The use of intimidation and street thuggery was integral core part of the Nazi standard behaviour. It's effects on elections is hard to gauge. But once Hitler was chancellor with the backing of the State the intimidation, pressure , suppression of opponents become much more effective. Without the intimidation, violence Hitler would have been unable to achieve the dictatorship he established by illegal force. His self appointment as president and chancellor was illegal. The passing of the enabling act was in large part to violence and intimidation.

The Reichstag fire was a convent pre text if it had not happened another pre text would have been used or manufactured for Hitler to take the steps he did to suppress his opponents.