Nazismophobia, fascismophobia, communismophobia

Mar 2012
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Does it matter what the law states the result is the same. The very Rich people and corporations operate in completely different legal space. Bunch of corporate lawyers are just the modern equivalent of bunch of feudal thugs in amor with swords, they pillage society for the people who keep them in style there are accustomed.

When google decides to copy every book on the planet does copyright laws stop google?

When uber decides to ignore taxi industry regulations across the planet, does the law stop Uber in any way?

If you got enough money you simply don't pay tax.
Well, much as the ancient knights were replaced by the lawyers, but that is civilization. Human life is so important that instead of people killing each other to settle their differences by way of duel, the court of law was invented by the best civilization in the world and is the same civilization that rules the world.

Your statement about google is simply untrue otherwise no writer shall sell their book on line. Those whose works were not protected by copy right law simply sat on their rights.

You example about uber is lame. Here in the Philippines the taxi got their lawyers to fight for their rights and guess, what? The uber lost their right to use gadgets, so bye bye free tax.

Sure, if you have enough money you must have privileges so be wise and industrious and don't be stupid and lazy.
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Jul 2014
What kind of reasoning is this? How does communalisation of private property make a society authoritarian?
I want your car and home ... In return you can have my shack . How would you feel if you had to do that for real ? if you want **** that is not yours legally than you better earn it. Otherwise it is called theft.