Need help to find ancient locality "Cumani", Peloponnese, XIX century

Dec 2018
Dear all, as mentioned in my first post I am a zoologist, more precisely an entomologist, and from time to time I study ancient insect specimens collected in localities that are difficult to locate nowadays.
Is there anyone who can help me to identify the locality "Cumani" in Peloponnese? I do not know the precise year when this toponym was used, but the specimen at hand (together with many others spread in European museums) was collected by the German Entomologist Ernst Brenske (1845-1904), who started publishing informations about his Greek samplings since 1884.
At that time it was quite common associating to specimens names of quite important cities or (e.g.: Corinth, Athens) or mountains (e.g.: Parnass, Taygetos), so my guess is that "Cumani" is not the name of an obscure village, and can be probaly located easily on a map or on a gazetteer of that period.
Thanks for any help or suggestion.