Nefertiti and the rush of scans

Aug 2017
Here's another interesting article.

Based on ultra-high-resolution images of the tomb shared online by Factum Arte – a Spanish group that specializes in the replication of art works globally – Dr Nicholas Reeves proposed a theory that tomb KV62 was actually a double-burial.
He posited that Nefertiti, the Armana queen, lays behind the north wall.

It's a two-part article.

Highly recommend to check it out!
Feb 2018
the Map Room
Fascinating read. Though it doesn't seem conclusive at all. Are there any exact dates for planned future scans?


Ad Honorem
Jul 2017
Crows nest
New scans were made last month, and far more intensive than the ones made previously. After the scans were completed by the end of the first week of February, it was said that at least three weeks would be needed to study the results, so an announcement could be made at any time.

On February 9 there was a possible leak of information about a large shaft being discovered, but that was quickly denied by the SCA. A large shaft would fit in with Reeves idea, if the burial chamber in KV62 was just an enlarged entrance corridor, then beyond it as in other tombs, would be a large shaft which is thought to be a flood defence protecting the burial chamber beyond, not a defence against robbers. We will see soon enough.