Nero Claudius, the worst and craziest Emperor of Rome, but was he all that bad?

Aug 2017

One of the worst and craziest Roman Emperor’s, Nero Claudius, but was he really all that bad? The insane emperor who “fiddled while Rome burnt”, was throwing Christians to the lions and arguably the worst Roman Emperor in history, may not have been as horrible as people think. More recent evidence suggests Nero’s evil historic reputation might be over exaggerated? Perhaps propagandists and those conspiring against Nero made him out to be more evil then he actually was?
Mar 2016
He definitely wasn't the worst, if just by the fact that he reigned for considerably longer than many later emperors. I don't think there's any reason to believe he wasn't cruel and oppressive towards Christians, though. Many Roman Emperors were, and this is historical fact. Numbers may be debated, but there's no way we can know for certain either way. But he was definitely notably crueler to Christians than other emperors were, otherwise he wouldn't be singled out like that.