New cartoon history site with free games and quizzes

May 2015
Liverpool, UK
I have created a new ‘cartoon’ style history website that teachers here could find an exciting and engaging addition to their lessons. The site has bite-sized sections, ideal for basic lesson starters or homework activities and also a stack of fun games, wordsearches, crosswords and quizzes. (All content is HTML5 and ipad friendly)

Topics are as follows: Norman Conquests / Battle of Hastings / Domesday Book / Medieval Feudal System / King John / The Black Death / 100 Years War / War of The Roses / Civil War / Georgian Life / Slave Trade / Transatlantic Trade / Privateer Pirates / The Rocket – Railways / Victorian Football and Victorian Rich and Poor. (phew) Second World War is coming next.

The site is framed around Liverpool, but the basic ideas and resources will be suitable for anyone teaching these topics. Everything on the site is free and I hope you like it.

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