New flags for former rebel states in USA

Jan 2014
Why do US states need flags anyway? They should just use the US flag with the name of the state underneath.
Although Britain is not a federation in the same way the US is, this is sort of what we tend to do. Whether it's the Union Flag (for events involving all four Home Nations) or the cross of St George (for events involving England), people often put the name of their county, town, football team, mates or even just a slogan in white letters across the horizontal red bar:-


When she won her gold medal at the Olympics, British cyclist Laura Trott (as she was then) draped herself in a Union Flag with her nickname 'Trotty' emblazoned across the red bar.

It occurs to me that for some folks, this might seem like desecration of an honoured national symbol (especially the one saying 'bollocks'). I suspect we are happy to do it because the Queen, rather than the flag, is is usually the symbol of our patriotism.

Do other people do the same thing, especially in countries where the flag itself is the symbol of their loyalty?
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Why do US states need flags anyway?
Why does the general government of the states need a flag? Imagine if the German states had refused the Nazi flag and kept their own.

If one is going to question the legitimacy of flags, State seems an odd place to start.
Antifa has a flag. Why do they need one?
Communist Party USA has a flag. Why do they need one?
The Anarchists have a flag. Now that one really confuses me.

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