New LGBT historical marker - Russia


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Jan 2010
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I fail to see how this is historical/bares any relevance to the Berlin Wall.

A first is always historical and Russia has a bad reputation when it comes to LGBT-rights. Good for the Russians!
Nov 2011
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From an article I found:

'Insult to millions' The couple, named as Irina Shumilova and Alyona Fursova, arrived at a register office in St Petersburg, both wearing white bridal dresses and carrying bouquets.
They posted pictures of the ceremony on the Russian social media site Vkontakte.
Irina, who describes herself as transsexual rather than transgender, is still undergoing hormone therapy.
Mr Milonov - one of the most ardent supporters of the 2013 law - told Russian media the staff at the registry office should be tried for treason or criminal negligence.
He would seek the marriage's annulment to avoid "an ugly insult to millions of Russian families in the future", he added.
"There are certain moral standards which it is vital to implement," he said. "These mad people should be banned altogether from getting married."

I don't it's an insult to millions in my professional opinion...maybe to a few people though
Nov 2011
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I apologize in advance if I get shut down by hackers(of any nationality, putin-anti-LGBT policy supporters, americans, russians, isis, etc) ...I will remove the previous two pictures if someone else says I should and their reasoning behind it. I'll be back in 12 hrs to see if I should take the pics off or not.
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Nov 2011
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Ok I guess can't edit and remove the photos...but probably for the best. I will explain them a little more then.

Minnie and "Minkey" are by some considered symbols of Americanization or America. If you interpret this collage this way then you could misinterpret the meaning of collage. You perhaps might think minnie's physical grenade launcher is a symbol of the saying "If you don't drop these stupid LGBT law then Americans will use force against Russians(or Germans, or pick your own nationality)". It is not meant to be that way...the more accurate intrepretation would be "Two lesbian russian mouse's just want to get married and love each other without being under the threat of being sent to prison by russian anti-LGBT law makers"

So the wall in addition to being a physical barrier between the russian mouses is also a representation of the russian law makers anti-LGBT policies and ideals being forced upon people or mouses who should not be imprisoned The blowing up of taking down of a piece wall is what Irina Shumilova and Alyona Fursova very, very bravely did on Nov.9 1989(oh shoot I did a typing error...I typed 1989 when I meant to type 2014..WHOOPS :lol::D:zany:). in the sense that they completely busted down a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny piece of that anti-lgbt idealistic wall.....which is a good start perhaps.

I see the first photo in this way also ....I DON'T see the photo as Putin actually being a hitler in the sense that americans should now attack Putler's country resulting in world war III, The Walking Dead, and post-apoctalypic horror due to his anti-lgbt policies.....but rather Putin's anti-lgbt idealistic walls are very, very Hitleresque.