New theory : w(h)ore vs score -examining sexual norms

Sep 2015
So the age-old drama of sexual politics in high school is replaying itself but in a new and naked fashion on Facebook.
When the boys get sexual, they 'score' and the girls, well you know, they get labeled a w(h)ore.
Take for example a recent post where there are 50+ likes for a half-dressed female being degraded for putting out while the boys are doing a high-five in the background. The teen girls, meanwhile, are posting things about loyalty and their boyfriends.

I believe this is rooted in the fact that young people are not only consumed by their naturally occurring hormones but are acting from a paternalistic drive to protect their gene pool. Anybody read E. O. Wilson and his observations that throughout history mammals isolate when reproducing? One does not have to read a book to observe a snarling dog protecting his female from competitors or see women's cutthroat behavior in securing a monogamous relationship.

So the implications are not of gender inequality but an evolutionary process. I don't argue that these demoralizing sexual politics are right or acceptable, but simply that they are inevitable.

Any thoughts?
Mar 2014
The 'men get praise, women suffer for it' model doesn't really work any more.

Tons of people I know - including me - call promiscuous members of both genders 'whores,' and many don't mean anything negative by it. It also seems that men are much less likely to mind a woman sleeping around than female friend is to kick up a fuss.
Sep 2014
Queens, NYC
As this is contemporary, shouldn't it be under Current Events?

I very much doubt that the males of today are protecting their gene pool. In fact, I suspect that they'd faint if they were told they had a continuation of the pool in real prospect.
Nov 2013
It's basically mens way of being controlling to women.

"You have no right to be giving out lots of sex unless it's to me and only me!!!!"
Aug 2014
Despite youth (oh, let's criminalize), I dithered until 20, and have never regretted it.

Black Dog

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Mar 2008
Damned England
Generally speaking, a man getting a woman to have sex with him is a more difficult achievement than a woman getting a man to have sex with her. The former can rely on patience, much persuasion (tacit or otherwise), meals out..... the whole courtship ritual.

But the latter doesn't need anything, except plenty of beer.

The recent fact that young women drink far too much than is good for them means that this has not factored in yet. However, most women rapidly grow out of the heavy drinking phase.