New Top 10 Channel Centered Around Military History

Oct 2017
New York USA
Hello Everyone,

I've made a new channel centered around military history. For example the video I posted earlier today was about Atilla the Hun a successful Hunic general who led many campaigns against the Romans. I find military history fascinating as it is a great way to study human behavior on a large scale and it is also very exciting. The content centers around these huge figures and has ten fascinating facts about them.

(for some reason I cant find a way to link the channel homepage from here so instead i'll link the videos individually)

TOP 10 Shocking Facts About Scourge of God Atilla the Hun:

TOP 10 Amazing Facts About Youthful Warrior Alexander The Great:

TOP 10 Badass Facts About Yugoslav General Josip Broz Tito:

TOP 10 Amazing Facts About Badass WW1 General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Infamous Mobster Lucky Luciano



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Oct 2010
Hello Everyone,
clickbait with minimal substance. Top 10s a facile way to look at history. I'm just opposed to short clips like this, sure it's entertainment but the devil in history is in the detail you want to really get into a topic you need 40-60 minutes to actual convey information and context.

the proliferation of short clips on youtube leads to a surface knowledge which is often misleading. read a book, watch a lecture.

Yeah 've been thinking about a rant on this topic for awhile, and then this popped up maybe I should make a short you tube clip about it.


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May 2013
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By and large members here, are entirely the wrong audience for history at this elementary level. However, it may appeal to casual visitors to our community. I'm inclined to let it ride for now as an experiment.