Nian Gengyao's position as Imperial Commissioner

Aug 2015
Los Angeles
Hi guys question

There was one point in my life where I read about powerful imperial commissioners in Qing dynasty and one of them was Nian Gengyao and one of them was Zeng Guofan. Recently I got into a debate about imperial commissioner and I thought about bringing up these 2, and while I found the sources about Zeng Guofan as Imperial Commissioner with military authority, I couldn't find any sources indictating Nian Gengyao as Imperial Commissioner. Perhaps I remembered wrong, but if Nian wasn't an Imperial Commissioner how was he able to write out the names of his peers in plain language and made governors kowtow to him? The way he was described in Qingshigao it sounded like he was a very powerful person with imperial authorities only an Imperial Commissioner could have, '行文諸督撫,書官斥姓名。請發侍衛從軍,使為前後導引,執鞭墜鐙。入覲,令總督李維鈞、巡撫範時捷跪道送迎。至京師,行絕馳道。王大臣郊迎,不為禮。在邊,蒙古諸王公見必跪,額駙阿寶入謁亦如之。嘗薦陝西布政使胡期恆及景灝可大用,劾四川巡撫蔡珽逮治,上即以授景灝,又擢期恆甘肅巡撫。羹堯僕桑成鼎、魏之耀皆以從軍屢擢,成鼎布政使,之耀副將。' but no where can I find it.

Can someone please help?

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