Nicolae Ceausescu or Josip Tito : Who was the better leader?

Who was the better leader?

  • Nicolae Ceaucescu

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  • Josip Tito

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May 2019
Northern and Western hemispheres
Which man had the better morals and was more popular with the citizens of his nation?
Sep 2019
Tito was in later time less harsh than Ceausescu partly also because of westren aid which Yugoslavia recieved after clash between Tito and Stalin in 1948 and after the attempt to calm down Stalin failed. Aid was conditioned with making the regime in Yugoslavia softer.

But anyway both dictators made an agreement in Brioni the residence of Tito in 70's that political police of both regimes will work together in their persecution of political opponents. On this way for example Vladimir Dapčevič was arrested in Romania in 1975 by DIE and handed over to UDBA. Ion Pacepa wrote about this in his book Red Horizons and later in Serbia they also discovered two bodies of friends of Dapčevič which were arrested together with him ( in village Begejci or Torak ). Tito promised UDBA will arrest or kill anyone in the west for Ceausescu to return the favour.