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Jun 2009
land of Califia
The concept of the Ninja, or military intellegista, was brought to Japan by the imperial ambassador to China, Kibi Makiba. Makiba brought as much text pertaining to Chinese miltary operations as was possible, including the Art of War. As is well known, Sun-Tzu stressed the importance of spies and intelligence in the winning of wars for ones sovereign.

Predating the texts brought back by Makiba however, was the Kojiki, which presented the Prince Yamato as the "proto-ninja" by dressing as a woman and assassinating two lords whilst they feasted.

How does the traditional Ninja differ from the now super-human aspect that is accredited to them?


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Oct 2009
Historical ninja appear to have been much more versatile in how they disguised their movements - disguising themselves as women (as stated here), peasants, or yamabushi monks.