No Agricultural Revolution

Jul 2010
Perfidious Albion
What would the world look like if the Agricultural Revolution never happened? In particular, would anything approaching our world's Industrial Revolution have been possible?


Ad Honorem
Dec 2012
Which Agricultural Revolution?

If you are talking about man never going beyond basic hunter gathering, then we would still be living in teepees. Definitely no Industrial Revolution. No Greece, no Rome, etc.


Ad Honorem
Jun 2014
Without domestic animals, development of an industrial system is questionable. Even in the Americas, there were domestic animals although no significant beasts of burden -- and without them, most of the civilizations of the Americas were limited in terms of how much they could spread beyond where they could grow food. And as Menshevik notes, without domestic plants (and food animals like the turkey, guinea pig and others) they couldn't have sustained their civilizations at all.

A nomadic herdsman culture could get as far as the technology and organization for a Stonehenge, but the evidence is that this was a place to gather on occasion, it wasn't the site of an ancient metropolis. An industrial revolution needs enough people who can think or experiment and build without having to work every day for their food.


Ad Honoris
May 2011
Navan, Ireland
Without the ability in the 17th-18th centuries to massively increase food output then the growing populations would not be able to have been fed -- food shortage means war or disease or both, populations drop.