No Blacks, No Irish, No Dogs - no facts?

Nov 2011
The Dustbin, formerly, Garden of England
Another personal attack which fits into what I said. your no mystery to me mate....look forward to your next post
your is a possessive adjective, indicating ownership of something.":(A form of the possessive case of you used as an attributive adjective) e.g.

  • That is your drunken Irish servant?
  • Where is your potato?
you're is a contraction (combination) of you and are e.g.

  • Do you know what you're writing?
  • You're stupid.
The two are not interchangeable.

When using a non-restrictive clause in a sentence, it is well to note that words such as that, which, whose, who, or whom are preceded by a comma (so as to set off the extra information), whereas no comma should precede a restrictive clause. It is not an arcane rule, it sets the literate against those who merely scribble.

Capital letters indicate the beginning of a new sentence. There are reasons for this, but you would find them quite complicated.

"your no mystery to me mate"

This is ambiguous. When you write "me mate", are you referring to a very close male associate, one whose relationship with you would have been illegal until quite recently? Or perhaps it is a nautical gentlemen of whom you speak? You may find that a visit to the punctuation shop, where commas and apostrophes are on sale, a useful exercise if you wish people to consider you as one of those who walks upright.

NB. Your unfounded and pathetic accusation that I am a "racist"--a legally actionable libel by the way, is a personal attack. Describing you as a semi-literate is quod erat demonstrandum.
Nov 2011
The Dustbin, formerly, Garden of England
Copy and paste...haha...what a CLOWN the first man who did that to prove a point
Please post this in ENGLISH, in order that I may understand its meaning. (I can also handle German, French, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa and Fanagolo and with my textbooks I might just be able to decipher Japanese, Cantonese, Italian and Latin--but I am really at a loss at what language you are using--is it, by chance, Chimp?
Aug 2011
Some Irish were Nazi's because they were right wing Fascists not because of partition at all.

Some were Communists which again had little to do with partition.

Some supported Germany because they thought it would further the cause of a united Ireland.

De Valera and the Jews is 'interesting' on the one hand he has named a forest after him for his 'help' for the Jewish people.

On the other his actual help -- he talked a great deal of how much he 'helped' them-- seems to be rather thin on the ground, he was an arch politician.
I was just stating that deValera was not a Nazi sympathizer.
better to be a temp then to not have a job.
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