No Canon In Historiography?


Ad Honorem
Jun 2014
In the past they didn't reason like us ...

we love lines, we need lines on a map!

No, ancient Romans [and generally ancient people] reasoned about which power controlled that city. Since once you controlled a city you controlled all its countryside.

The walls [vallo] and the limes were there to protect the controlled cities.

If you take a look at a Roman map of their own Empire you could be quite confused. A Roman map had no geographical sense. It was based on a projection of the street network.

In other words, it was functional to the Empire: how many days will it take to move a legion from city A to city B along an imperial street?
That's what I am saying, power projection , Romans had constantly campaign armies beyond the canonic borders to keep pacified the barbarians and tributary more civilized kingdosm that didn't directly conquer.
The base of the mongol maps or the ones that have big blobs of terrain usually have a power projection as feature of the map , Mongols did not directly control all cities and all kingdoms but exercitated a power projection over certain areas. Plus of course they inglobate in mongol maps all deserts and unhinabited regions like if Roman maps included Sahara and any other unhinhabited lands just couse they could eventually reach there.