No Islam; effects on the Middle East and beyond?


Ad Honoris
May 2014
What would have been the effects on the Middle East and beyond had there been no creation of Islam--either as a result of Muhammad dying young or as a result of Muhammad deciding not to do this for whatever reason?

Do the Byzantines get to permanently keep their Middle Eastern and North African territories in this scenario? Also, how does Christian Europe conduct its domestic and foreign policy without the existence of Islam? In addition, without Islam, are various ancient Greek and Roman works going to be as well-preserved as they were in real life?

Any thoughts on all of this?
Nov 2010
'Europe' wouldn't have had any 'policy' because it wasn't a country.

You could argue that the Empire was preserved for so long as some sort of Eastern Bulwark against the spread of islam and therefore it was in many countries' interests to keep it in place. Therefore with no 'danger' from the east it would maybe have collapsed/been conquered centuries before - from the west!

You could also argue that a Persian force may have filled the gap. Or, given the ready adoption of islam by people under the Christian/Byzantine/Visigothic yoke, some other prophet would have emerged for people to follow. There never seemed to be a shortage
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