Nobel peace prize 2017: International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons wins award

Sep 2017
“For the last 72 years, survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have bravely shared their horrific experience to raise public awareness about the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons and the urgent need to abolish them to ensure nobody ever has to endure what they have suffered,” it said.

“It is thanks to their tireless efforts and to the mobilisation of people, organisations and governments that the groundbreaking Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was adopted on July 7 and opened to signatures on September 20 of this year.”


For my part, I'am totally hostile to the idea of seeing our countries like the United Kingdom or France disarm our nuclear arsenals. While North Korea creates its own system and that Iran could put back on its program en route. I think it's up to the big (Russia, USA, China and India to disarm first) and the day when all will be at the same level then only .. The security of France is based on nuclear deterrence and it works


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This is such a difficult problem. Once invented, atomic weapons cannot be uninvented; and what if every nation destroyed its nuclear stockpiles, and some Islamist nation or a country like North Korea then developed them? I would actually feel less safe if at least two of the major powers did not have them. And if anyone has them, perhaps it is best that a number of stable nations do. In other words, control, limitation and international agreement are desirable in this area; but abolition is not a desirable aim, simply because it is impossible to achieve guaranteed long-term abolition. Also, I think that it is not unreasonable to suppose that the possession of nuclear weapons lessens the possibility of conventional war between major powers.
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Apr 2016
Nuclear disarmament is such a stupid idea.

Imagine a world where nobody has nuclear weapons.

Except of course some pariah state like North Korea that will develop them in secret anyway.
Sep 2017
For my part, I find that nuclear defense (the American presence plus the British and French forces) has prevented the invasion of Western Europe by the Soviets and the Warsaw Pact. The crisis of the Euros missiles in 1979 and the policy of the MAD proved that the USSR certainly did not want to fall under atomic radiation.Now I am worried if Iran accedes to nuclear weapons or if Pakistan is still under one of his military coups that would place a fundamentalist in power and form a Muslim bloc with Iranian theocracy who wants to defeat Israel. For North Korea, I think that its leaders are not seeking war, but its poker game with the US and its Southeast Asian allies .. I imagine Beijing's badly (except the Americans attack first )take the initiative to defend the regime.


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Actually this Nobel Peace Prize is wrong ... to abolish nuclear weapons would mean the Third World War ... so they want WW III [may be to fulfill the prophecies of the Bible].

The inventors of the nuclear weapons should deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.


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Nuclear disarmament is such a stupid idea.

Imagine a world where nobody has nuclear weapons.

Except of course some pariah state like North Korea that will develop them in secret anyway.
It is a childish idea. When there is a knowledge someone will of course use it. We are lucky that more have not been in use after 1945 but world seems completely unstable (end of history 1991?) and many things can happen especially when lunatics have a finger on a trigger (NK).


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There will always be someone trying to develop a super-weapon that cud beat all other weapons.

You abolish the nuke, then someone will just start developing something else.