Nobel Peace Prizes/US Presidents

Oct 2017
Out of the four US Presidents to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, which one do you think was most deserving? Why?


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Mar 2008
On a mountain top in Costa Rica. yeah...I win!!
Since Obama held office after Historum´s cut off date (1991) he is not eligible for discussion.
Partisan politics after the fall of the Berlin wall is not permitted.
The three remaining ought to spark lively conversation.
Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter
Apr 2018
Difficult to answer because of the different time spans as well as different lines of thought at the time. However, my vote goes for Teddy Roosevelt.


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Mar 2013
All from wiki:

Teddy: "His successful efforts to broker the end of the Russo-Japanese War won him the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize."

Wilson: "For his peace-making efforts, Wilson was awarded the 1919 Nobel Peace Prize."

Carter: "[...] in 2002 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in co-founding the Carter Center."
Jul 2016
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Although TR's ending of the Russo-Japanese War and Wilson's role in establishing the League of Nations, I think it's worth noting that their invasions in Latin America during their presidencies were anything but peaceful. They caused significant death and destruction and were highly unprincipled by any stretch of the imagination.

Even if the Prize is to be handed out for one specific act, I think it's important that the individual is actually a paragon of international peace. Despite their acts, this could not be said of either Roosevelt or Wilson.

For that reason alone, I have to agree that Carter deserved his Prize the most, as he earned it in his post-Presidency where he didn't commit atrocities to question the validity of his receiving such a Prize.