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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
@AlpinLuke: Do you know if the overwhelming republican vote in Trentino had anything to do with the fact that before 1918 they were ruled by the Hapsburgs rather than by the Savoyards?
I think that they didn't appreciate the Italian Kingdom. That region had annexed after WWI [Italy was among the victorious powers while the Austrian Empire got defeated]. A part that a part of them became Italian as the outcome of a war [the German people who lived there with the Italian local populations], they probably noted the evident difference of system of administration between Vienna and Rome: The Italian Monarchy presented a well more centralized power and since they were in a conquered land, Rome didn't show to be sensitive to German national aspirations. The republicans promised [and actually the Italian Republic has been doing a lot for the German inhabitants of Trentino Alto Adige] to listen to them.

Nowadays the region has got a special status and a high degree of autonomy.
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