Notable women in history

Jul 2006
Edinburgh, Scotland
Eleanor of Aquitane. Although she might not have been a dutiful wife she was devoted to education and raised two famous English kings. Richard the Lionheart I and John of lackland( as he was later called)
Jun 2006
What about Hellen Keller? Not sure what she is famous for other than being blind and deaf ... but people always talk about her. Isn't she even on a coin or something?
Jun 2006
Earthquake Central
Hellen Keller shouldn't be praised. Anne Sullivan should.

Another great woman who's name has somewhat faded into obscurity is Emilie du Chatelet. She was a great mathmatician and physicist during a time when women were not expected too and looked down upon for thinking.
Jul 2006
Bemidji, Minnesota
celtman said:
What about Hellen Keller? Not sure what she is famous for other than being blind and deaf ... but people always talk about her. Isn't she even on a coin or something?
It seems like the school systems really fail people when it comes to Hellen Keller. It seems like the average person only knows that she was deaf and blind. This was all I knew practically my entire life until I decided to look deeper a few months ago. I was surprised to learn how much more there was to her. For instance she was a fierce socialist who liked to shake things up. The wikipedia page on her provides a good introduction.

Aug 2006
I'll add some of my faves....

Empress Theodora: from being the daughter of a bear-keeper at the Hippodrome and an acrobat, to being Constantinople's most infamous courtesan, finally to Empress Consort of Justinian.

Eleanor of Aquitaine: Politics, a patron of the arts, traveling, butting heads with her husband....

Anna Comnena: first female historian in the west

Boudicca: an interesting more-myth-than-fact figure in British history

: Dared to rule Egypt not as a queen but as a king and paid for it

Elizabeth Bathory
: warped but interesting nonetheless

Heloise of the Paraclete
: tragic medieval woman scholar

Hildegard of Bingen: medieval intellectual nun and composer

: powerful and until recently very misrepresented in history

: dared (like a couple of other women on this list) to stand up to Rome
Aug 2006
Seattle, Washington, USA

Lady Godiva????? But what do we really *know* about her? I mean, the tale of her riding through the streets of Coventry wearing nothing but her hair comes from a chronicle that was written some 200 years after the supposed events happened. Some people, however, have speculated that she might have ridden, not through Coventry, which more or less hardly existed then(although she apparently founded a church there that eventually became Coventry Cathedral), but through *another* town, stripped of her jewelry and wearing plain clothes and letting her hair flow free. That was "nakedness" in "them days". Or so I'm told.
Anne G


Historum Emeritas
Aug 2006
I believe it was Helen Keller, as stated earlier, because of her impact on society and her drive to suceed in this world.
Aug 2006
Salinas, CA
Queen Emma of Normandy, an English queen and a Viking queen.

Four of her sons became kings of England. And she was the great-aunt of William of Normandy, aka William the Conqueror.

If nothing else, her WOMB is responsible for the current state of England.
Aug 2006
Seattle, Washington, USA

I thought about Catherine the Great, but then wondered how really "great" she might have been!
Anne G