Notre Dame on fire


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Aug 2013
It’s very positive news that none of the firefighters have died attempting to save the Church . And also very good news that no one has died in general because of this fire. It seems to be some sort of a miracle Considering the magnitude of the fire

Yes this ^

I understand the upset but for those saying 'it will never be the same again', but it really can.

I mentioned the York Minster fire (mid 1980s) earlier, its a similar cathedral to the Notre Dame. I have been visiting YM since as far back as I can remember and on a regular basis. My parents took me , I took my children and I take my Grandchildren now as often as I can. I have visited many many times and know it well and I can honestly say I haven't noticed any difference at all. It still looks and feels exactly the same as it always did.

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Oct 2013
Apparently you are now alt-right if you enjoy Gothic architecture:
Give Notre Dame a Modern Roof the Alt-Right Will Hate

Notre Dame should be rebuilt either how it was 1) before the fire, or 2) before any changes in 19th century. The end. There should be nothing political about friggin restoration work.
No, it shouldn't be anything political about it.

But IDK if You realize that Yourself, You are politising it.