Nuragic civilisation; Norax and Sardus

Oct 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark

I have some questions regarding the ancient Nuragic civilisation of Sardinia, that I hope someone will be able to answer.

Before getting to the actual questions, let me first explain my interest.
I am very much a fan of the video game Sid Meier's Civilisation 5, in which you play as a more or less famous civilisation from some part of the world (i.e. Babylon, Egypt, China, Spain, the Aztecs, etc.) , starting in the year 4000BC and your mission is then to compete against other civilisations in a number of areas (science, culture, diplomacy, etc.).
The game allows players to create custom civilisations that aren't represented in the game. This is a somewhat complicated process. It takes a lot of time, research, hours of coding, testing, and so on..
Recently I've started trying to make a few custom civilisations myself. The first of which is "the Corsican Republic" lead by Pasquale Paoli. It's released in the game's community and works fine.

My next project, and now we are getting to my questions, are making a Nuragic civilisation. I've read a lot about them - their culture, religion, architecture (nuraghi), and such.
Also that it is theorised that they had developed some kind of writing system, but that there isn't any definitive proof of that. On the Wikipedia it is mentioned that the gods Norax and Sardus (which I think are Greek?) are thought to be connected to the Nuragic mythology, but how and why isn't explained.
To represent the Nuragic, I need some kind of name which is at least somehow connected to the civilisation, and it would arguably be best if the name isn't equally connected to something else (such as the Greeks or Phoenicians).

Can anyone help me with this? It would be very much appreciated.


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Jan 2010
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Depending on what you need the name or names for, why don't you use names from the Nuragic tribes?

Also, Norax and Sardus were probably indigenous deities to Sardinia; the Greeks just loved to incorporate foreign deities in their pantheon and explain the origins of other peoples by their mythology and the deeds of their great heroes, most prestigiously Herakles - who fathered many, many children - of whom Sardus then supposedly was descended.
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Oct 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark
Hi Zeno,

Thanks for your reply. I've chosen names based on the names off the Nuragic tribes.