Obscure Wars

Apr 2017
One that I find very fascinating was the Great Illyrian revolt in the Roman Empire. Partly because according to some sources it was an extremely hard fought campaign of suppression that included several legions and foreign allies, has heroic figures and famous quotes. However, it is basically unknown to the general public, even to many history fans I'd wager.

Ironically just when the Illyrian revolt ended is when the Tuetoburg massacre had occurred with Arminius, yet that event (very similar in many ways) is utterly famous and legendary to us today.
Oct 2015
Matosinhos Portugal
Portugal made a great nation called Brazil with the Portuguese language. Brazil is 100 times bigger than Portugal and bigger than Belgium more than 200 times. Why did the King of Spain not only make a Spanish-speaking Spanish nation equal to Portugal as it did to Brazil?
What to say I am Colombian I am Chilean I am Argentinean I am Peruvian attention is my opinion and I do not want to offend these people it is with all my respect that I am giving my opinion if these countries all of South America Was just a nation since everyone speaks the same Spanish Spanish language instead of having many Spanish-speaking nations there is only one country like Brazil Of Portuguese language Said as well as I say to the south america only had three countries of latin language french francis Spanish portuguese in the great continent south american see the continent north america canada united states of america and mexico If it were as I say, perhaps the Spanish-speaking countries were calmer and many deaths were avoided in today's times. Here is my opinion.
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May 2016
Greater Manchester
The Pig War - 1859 - Great Britain vs USA - The only casualty was a pig

The Three Hundred and Thirty Five Years' War - 1651 to 1986 - Isles of Scilly (England) vs Netherlands - No casualties

Moldovan-Transdniestrian War - 1992 - The local military called it the Drunken War, as officers of the combatants met every night to have a drink together. They went away in the morning and opened fire on each other. At night, they got together again to drink for those they had met with the previous night and who they had killed.

The Emu War - 1932 - Australia vs emus - The emus won

The Football War - 1969 - El Salvador vs Honduras - Caused partially by a 1970 World Cup qualifier between the two nations.


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Aug 2015
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Right and you should add all the wars with Spain.. Flanders, Philippines, America, Portugal etc etc from the Mississppi Campaign (Bernáldo de Gálvez) to the Invasion in Portugal in 1762 through the defense of Philippines or the battles in Flanders, Ireland or America...

Most of people in the world only know battles and wars because of movies.. nothing more (and movies and history are antinomic concepts)... so the British campaign in Abyssinia in 1867 nobody know... and if I write about the "obscure" Wars Spain took part.. from Borneo to Nueva Guinea through Salomon, Vanuatu, Tahiti etc etc... we never end...
The Anglo-Abyssinian War of 1868 was remembered for a few decades in the USA. In the Pan American Exposition at Buffalo NY in 1901 (where President McKinley was shot) there as an exhibition where a circus elephant was to be electrocuted. Perhaps not shockingly, the electrocution failed to have much effect on the elephant and the crowd's money was refunded - it is natural to suspect it was just a publicity stunt by the circus owner.

Anyway, the circus owner gave a speech before the failed electrocution, claiming that he had bought the elephant from the Indian army and the elephant had performed heroically during the Abyssinian campaign and the Battle of Magdala. Thus he assumed that most members of his audience wouldn't scoff at the idea that the British had invaded Abyssinia with pack elephants a few decades before. Though he was British himself and might have overestimated their interest and knowledge of British history.
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