Obsolete names

Jun 2016
England, 200 yards from Wales
I don't know if these qualify, as I'm not sure if they were ever very common.
However, I had an aunt Thora (my mother was Evelynne Thelma).
We had a female Christian name, Alissimon, that ran in the family for a couple of hundred years from a wedding in 1738 (John Minnitt m. Alissimon Hanson).
Then there's my favourite-named ancestor, an 18th century Cornishman, Melchisedek Woon.

Bart Dale

Ad Honorem
Dec 2009
Yes. I assume it's a biblical name, does anyone who's read more of that book than I have know who Melchisedek was?
Melchizedek shows up in Genesis 14:18 - 20. He was a king of Salem.and a "high priest of the most high God" who blessed Abraham after Abraham successfully rescued his nephew Lot and others who had been carried away by another king.
Oct 2013
Planet Nine, Oregon
Terrance, Trudy, Wilfred, Winifred, here in America. I wonder if some names went away as immigrants became Americanized and tried to fit in.
Cornelius, Hubert.. Milton, Lonnie

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