Hii guys today I will share with you something about my friend Anand vardhan soni. Before I start here I will tell you about Anand. He is software engineer he work in a big company I don't want to share the company name because some personal issues . So Actually last week when Anand went to attend business meeting at during that time he drink some whiskey and do not attend just cause of hangovers. But every body has waiting for him
But he is not able to attend the meeting and then next morning when he was wake up at 6 am he check his email that he got the fire letter from his boss . suddenly he go towards to his boss home for apologise for yesterday. but his boss won't listen anything . And again that day at evening he drink whiskey and go to his boss office he give his boss one Tide slapped on his face at the front of employee
And today one week letter he realised about it. So what I suggest him to do please tell me

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