Old Scientific Physics Instrument

Nov 2019
United States
Came across this cool old scientific instrument from Cambridge that I have been struggling to find out what the name of it is. Does anyone have any ideas?
Mar 2018
What does the plaque at the front of the first picture say? Do you know a rough year it was made?
Feb 2017
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Oct 2009
San Diego
well, you clearly wind it up with a key and there is a rotary mechanism inside- with two obvious electrical connections.

I would guess it either generates a voltage for a short period of time- or it fluctuates a voltage for as long as the spring runs.
If you took off the bell housing you might be able to figure out what it does.
Nov 2019
United States
Archive.org has their 1899 catalogue online Physiological instruments manufactured by the Cambridge Instrument Company, Ltd., Cambridge ... : Cambridge Scientific Instrument Company, Ltd . (Cambridge, England). : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive although this looks like it might be later.

I'm no good with electronics but that appears a circuit diagram of sorts engraved on the top, some sort of variable resistor? rheostat?
Interesting. I have thought galvanometer, but I feel I would eventually come across a picture of something identical online


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Jul 2015
Probably 1920's. Cambridge became a Ltd in 1924.
Prolly a galvanometer, where the start/stop is to connect/disconnect.
Sep 2012
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I agree with Goglais it could be a Wheatstone Bridge from the diagram. I think the 'flame' that Olleus calls it is the galvanometer, but its drawn like a simple on/off cam. The rectangular rod looks like a winder, not sure what it's for if it is.
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