On what date and by what name was the first Spanish steam ship acquired?

Dec 2011
Late Cretaceous
From the internet archive, The Early History of Steam Navigation

"On the 30th May, 1817, there was launched at Seville the
ROYAL FERDINAND, the first steamer built in Spain."

There was an experiment in steam power carried out by Spanish captain Blasco de Garay in 1543:

1543 Steam Engine

For the second part, from the wiki entry for Narciso Claveria y Zaldua:

The first steam-powered warships to sail regularly in Philippine waters were the Magallanes, Elcano, and Reina de Castilla. They were brought from London in 1848. These steamships were of great value because now it was possible to chase and capture the swift boats of the Moro pirates from the South who used to raid the coastal villages north of them.
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Does anyone have any information on that subject? Secondarily what was the first Spanish steam ship in the Philippines?


Yes Hanslune.

The first Spanish Steampship was buil in 1817 in Triana dockyard, Seville. The ship was named "Real Fernando" (because Fernando VII) but was popular known as "El Betis".

Here you can see an original drawing

The ship was in Seville - SanlĂșcar de Barrameda route. His first travel was on June 8th, 1817 in route Seville - Cadis with 97 passangers. In 1818, the engine broken... and never reparied but it was changed by other steamship...

About Phillpiines not full information.. I kow about Spanish steam ships from Spain to Philippines in regular route from 1842 but I guess sooner it would be possible to find steam in Philippines but not information from my side.


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