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Gile na Gile

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May 2008
Thought it might be handy for us all here if we had a quick reference section for getting primary material. Has anyone come across good websites lately that provide links to original historical documents, first-hand accounts or free e-books etc .. doesn't matter what period or country.

Here are some good ones I've stumbled upon;

This one's the mediaeval sourcebook online; has links to hundreds of uploaded texts.

For fans of all things Arthurian; the legends, the literature, it all seems to be here;

Project Guttenburg; 28,000 books, mostly classics and still growing rapidly;

And two great resources for studying Irish history;

Feel free to add your own. Guaranteed someone, somewhere, sometime will appreciate it plus it might spare you scratching your head wondering what that great site was on that you've now completely forgotten about.
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Mar 2009
Thanks for the links, the Guttenburg link should be one for any historian or bibliophile.
May 2009
BC, Canada
If you go to or are affiliated with a university you probably get free access to JSTOR (Journal Storage) which is amazing. It has the archives of SO many journals on there, such a great resource.
Jul 2008
Gile na Gile, what a good idea, I have used the sites that you have posted, fordam and celt are excellent resources, I have whiled away many an hour browsing these sites both for study and leisure. With Project Guttenburg many of the classics are at hand as you say, plus out of print and more obscure literature, all of which can give a particular ‘feel’ to a period of history under study.

May I contribute;
A rather good site for anyone with an interest in the ancient near east.
ETANA (Electronic Tools and Ancient Eastern Archives)

And its sister search site;
Abzu is a guide to networked open access data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East and the Ancient Mediterranean world.

For a plethora of web sites try Intute,
Intute is a free online service providing access to the very best web resources for education and research. All material is evaluated and selected by a network of subject specialists to create the Intute database.

For the Arts and Humanities

Hope these may be of help to someone
Feb 2009
As mentioned above, JSTOR is excellent. EEBO (Early English Books Online) has also proved a highly valuable resource during the writing of my PhD thesis.

Gile na Gile

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May 2008
Good links people, keep em comin'!

Some great sites there Gary. I've just done a search on 'James Joyce' on Intute and it's thrown up 25 sites, all of them concentrated on what's best for the researcher. Excellent stuff. Hadn't heard of that one before now. :)
Feb 2009
United States
Google books has virtually everything if you know what you're looking for as far as primary documents go.