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Nov 2015
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Hi, thanks for all the great links, the problem now is that I want to check them all out...

Anyway, I am working on my own history entertainment series on Youtube and I would like to hear your feedback if you have the time. The idea is to let people learn a bit of history every day/week, so I have a weekly series called Next Week in History and a daily one (Today in History - yeah, not very original hahaha). In any case, I think the content is quite good although just starting so bear that in mind... I am hopefully looking for collaborators too, so if anyone is interested, PM me.

You can check out examples here:
Next Week in History
Today in History (November 17)
Feb 2013
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I find Google Books a great source for books on explorers that are 100+ years old or more that are copyright free that I link the pages of to interactive maps on historic events. And, it provides the entire book rather than the partial book you get for books that are still protected by copyright. It works great. What you have to do is first search for the subject or person you desire, then click the Free Google eBooks link and it will provide a list of books whose copyright has expired.

At the top of the page at the right are menus for text, link and PDF. These allow you to copy the text, link the page you are viewing to your web site or email, and obtain a PDF you can save to your hard drive. There is even a search engine that allows me to search for locations within the book from maps I searched in Google Images. The only problem I have with that is the spellings on the map and the spelling in the book may be different. So, I have to a fast read of the book looking for locations.

Here, try this link to see how I linked an entire ebook to the locations in a Google Map on a page-to-location basis. Thus, allowing my readers to track events on a day-by-day basis. Just click any location and the page link within the pop up dialog box to go to the exact page in the book that mentions this location. And, if you desire, you can read the entire book. I then embed the map in my blog MyReadingMapped where I now have 29 such maps.
I've not been able to access the site. Mind helping?
Jan 2016
Madrid, Spain
British Civil Wars, Commonwealth and Protectorate, 1638-60

Great site for the interconnected English Civil War, Confederate War in Ireland and the Scottish Civil War c. 1640-50. User-friendly, Wiki-type layout hyperlinks to concise summaries of key events, terms & bios and wherever possible gives off-site link to important primary documents; Pym's speeches, Henderson's "Bishop's Doom", text of the Scottish Covenant etc.
Trully interesting site, very useful for researching. :)
Dec 2015
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Thanks. I'm doing and Essay on the medieval ages, specifically the siege of Ravenna, which was the first siege of the middle ages. If you have any information please tell me.

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May 2008
Trully interesting site, very useful for researching. :)
Yet to come across a better site on the topic - truly, a labour of love.

The bio section esp. which generally provides links to original published works if available; Pym's speeches etc.