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Nov 2012
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Feb 2019
Might be a necro but I decided to add my contribution to this:

Napoleon & Empire - From General Bonaparte to Emperor Napoleon I of France

Has a lot of articles and some primary material such as peace treaties and Napoleon's document of abdication. The articles are alright enough, though often considerably pro-Napoleon.

Napoleon Bonaparte : Napoleonic : Napoleon : Bonaparte : Wars : Napoleon I : Napoleonic History : Military : Napoleonic Era : Battles : Naval : Armies : Uniforms :

Already been mentioned but still. Provides often brief articles on personalities and events during the period, has a source page and some good maps so it can be used to find books and some primary material if the sources are tracked down. A bit hard to navigate in my opinion. 1789-1815 military history

Has articles on battles and personalities of the era. The articles are brief tough considerably more in-depth than the Napoleonic Guide. Has a source section that provides websites and online resources as well as articles having bibliographies that can be used to track down both secondary and primary material. Also contains maps.


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Keerneshai, I think you're confused as to what the Historum site is all about. Here we are exclusively focused on a single topic ... History. Our members are scattered around the world and range from school children to Post-Doc history buffs. Historum is one of the most frequently visited internet sites that is not social-media, news, or politics. Historum is a place where those with historical interests gather to share and discuss history, and where historical sort of questions can be asked and answered. People come here for many reasons, but I believe you are one of the few who are so far off the mark. Now that we've hopefully cleared that up, welcome to Historum. I hope that now you have found us, you will come again and participate in a site where civility and good manners are among our highest values.
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Aug 2019
As referred to above, JSTOR is first rate. EEBO (Early English Books on-line) has also proved a fantastically precious resource all through the writing of my PhD thesis.