Operation Anadyr is completed before the Cuban Missile Crisis

Nov 2013
Kingdom of Sweden
How would the Cuban Missile Crisis (and the Cold War in general) be affected if the Soviet military deployment to Cuba - Operation Anadyr - was not discovered by the United States before its completion?

The operation included deploying the following Soviet equipment in Cuba, with a total of 50,874 personnel:

10,000 infantry
40x D-30 howitzers (range: 15.4 km)
240x BTR armored personnel carriers (range: 400-500 km)
136x T-55 main battle tanks (range: 480 km)
288x S-75 Dvina surface-to-air missiles with 144 launchers (range: 45 km)

6x SSC-2B anti-ship missiles (range: 90 km)
24x 9K52 Luna-M artillery rockets with 6 launchers (range: 70 km)
80x FKR-1 cruise missiles with 16 launchers (range: 90 km)
36x R-12 ballistic missiles (range: 2,080 km)
24x R-14 ballistic missiles (range: 3,700 km)

40x MiG-21 fighter aircraft (range: 1,210 km)
23x Il-28 medium bombers (range: 2,180 km)
11x An-24 transport aircraft (range: 2,761 km)
33x Mi-4 transport helicopters (range: 500 km)

12x Komar-class missile boats (range: 1,111 km)
4x Project 641 attack submarines (range: 37,000 km)
7x Project 627 ballistic missile submarines (range: 29,632 km, 600 km missile range)

An additional 2 cruisers, 4 destroyers, 16 torpedo boats and 7 support ships were also prepared to join the deployment, should secrecy no longer be required.