Operation Compass 1941-45 | Battlestorm Documentary

Oct 2015
Hi all!

Operation Compass 1940-41 | Battlestorm History Documentary

This is the most detailed video about Operation Compass that there is on the internet. Using animations and maps, we find out what happened in one of the greatest British (and Commonwealth) victories of the war and who was ultimately responsible for the destruction of the Italian 10th Army.

The next documentary video will be on Rommel's introduction to the Western Desert Campaign.

Thanks for watching. Any and all feedback is welcome :)
Nov 2015
Bye, bye
As good result than "Blitzkrieg", but without "Blitzkrieg" stamp.
It there's what to wonder about the existence of "Blitzkrieg".
Is what after all, that would not limit as the simple équation: tanks+radios+bold leaders and soldiers.
It's not required being a German officer of the 1930s, to be able to put it in practice effectively.
British and in particular, Wavell and O'Connor did it since the end of 1940.
Oct 2015
Yes, O'Connor performed his own "Blitzkrieg" in the desert in 1940, so it does seem that it wasn't an exclusive German practice. The question is, did O'Connor learn the lessons from the French Campaign and simply copied the style, or did he (and other British generals) come up with their own ideas and were able to impliment them independant from the Germans?

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