Operation Market Garden | Lecture/Documentary Video


Oct 2015

Here's a video documentary I created on Operation Market Garden. Using my own animations, detailed maps and plenty of books on the subject, I give a day by day account of the battle and talk about who historians think was to blame for the failure at of the entire Operation.

This is the most in-depth look at the battles at Arnhem, Nijmegen and Eindhoven ever put into video form - at least, I can't find anything similar! I hope you enjoy it :)

This series was originally 8 separate videos, but I've put them all together in this video for your viewing pleasure. In total, it's 1 hour and 53 minutes long. If you'd like to watch the 8 episodes separately, you can view the playlist using this link HERE

An example of the style of animations used -

John Frost, A Drop Too Many (1980). 2009.
Max Hastings, Armageddon. London, 2004.
Robert J. Kershaw, It Never Snows in September. Surry, 2007.
Martin Middlebrook, Arnhem 1944: The Airborne Battle, 17-29 September. 2009.
Robert Neillands, The Battle for the Rhine 1944. UK, 2014.
Poulussen, R.G. Lost at Nijmegen. 2011.
Cornelius Ryan, A Bridge Too Far. USA, 1974
Major General R E Urquhart, Arnhem. 1958.
Major General S Sosabowski, Freely I Served. Great Britain, 1982