Opposition: Herodotus' Histories and Black Egyptians Theory

Aug 2018
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Nov 2018
quotes from ancient writers : The Ethiopians stain the world and depict a race of men steeped in darkness; less sun-burnt are the natives of India; the land of Egypt, flooded by the Nile, darkens bodies more mildly owing to the inundation of its fields: it is a country nearer to us and its moderate climate imparts a medium tone.

Manilius, Astronomica 4.724

he appearance of the inhabitants is also not very different in India and Ethiopia: the southern Indians are rather more like Ethiopians as they are black to look on, and their hair is black; only they are not so snub-nosed or woolly-haired as the Ethiopians; the northern Indians are most like the Egyptians physically.

Arrian, Indica 6.9

As for the people of India, those in the south are like the Aethiopians in color, although they are like the rest in respect to countenance and hair (for on account of the humidity of the air their hair does not curl), whereas those in the north are like the Egyptians.
Let's see how far good sense takes us;

"Nutter (1958) noted affinities between the Badarian and Naqada samples, a feature that Strouhal (1971) attributed to their skulls possessing “Negroid” traits. Keita (1992), using craniometrics, discovered that the Badarian series is distinctly different from the later Egyptian series, a conclusion that is mostly confirmed here. In the current analysis, the Badari sample more closely clusters with the Naqada sample and the Kerma sample. However, it also groups with the later pooled sample from Dynasties XVIII–XXV. -- Godde K. (2009) An Examination of Nubian and Egyptian biological distances: Support for biological diffusion or in situ development? Homo. 2009;60(5):389-404."

"The Predynastic populations studied here, from Naqada and Badari, are both Upper Egyptian samples, while the Dynastic Egyptian sample (Tarkhan) is from Lower Egypt. The Dynastic Nubian sample is from Upper Nubia (Kerma). Previous analyses of cranial variation found the Badari and Early Predynastic Egyptians to be more similar to other African groups than to Mediterranean or European populations (Keita, 1990; Zakrzewski, 2002). In addition, the Badarians have been described as near the centroid of cranial and dental variation among Predynastic and Dynastic populations studied (Irish, 2006; Zakrzewski, 2007). This suggests that, at least through the Early Dynastic period, the inhabitants of the Nile valley were a continuous population of local origin, and no major migration or replacement events occurred during this time.

Studies of cranial morphology also support the use of a Nubian (Kerma) population for a comparison of the Dynastic period, as this group is likely to be more closely genetically related to the early Nile valley inhabitants than would be the Late Dynastic Egyptians, who likely experienced significant mixing with other Mediterranean populations (Zakrzewski, 2002). A craniometric study found the Naqada and Kerma populations to be morphologically similar (Keita, 1990). Given these and other prior studies suggesting continuity (Berry et al., 1967; Berry and Berry, 1972), and the lack of archaeological evidence of major migration or population replacement during the Neolithic transition in the Nile valley, we may cautiously interpret the dental health changes over time as primarily due to ecological, subsistence, and demographic changes experienced throughout the Nile valley region."

-- AP Starling, JT Stock. (2007). Dental Indicators of Health and Stress in Early Egyptian and Nubian Agriculturalists: A Difficult Transition and Gradual Recovery. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY 134:520–528
What period do you think that the Greeks made these observations on the appearance of "Egyptians"? I'd say the Late period after the real Egyptians had migrated south in to Nubia and inner Africa.

As you can see egyptians were not black at all.
Try again.
Feb 2018
Further analysis of the population history of ancient Egyptians "The results of our analyses suggest that the formation of the ancient Egyptian state likely included a substantial in situ process, with some level of contribution by outside migrants probable. The higher level of population structure in Lower Egypt, relative to Upper Egypt, suggests that such influence and migration by outsiders may not have been widespread geographically. "
Nov 2018
The guy :lol:believes in melanin's sending radioactive wave's to planets and stars thus creating some kind of communication. To where you might ask? Silly you, of course Wakanda! He believes melanin's having an intelligence, some alien heritage enabling blacks to communicate not only interplanetary but interdimensionally with their other melanin brothers.
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Had he any respect for science and hard work he wouldn't quote some metaphysician's idiotic commentaries on melanin,
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Nov 2018
I will simply answer by this....dating back from the Vth dynasty which is quite old.

Here you can still see the extent of darkness of his original skin color on his legs and lower body.

However, many private collections have been organized around the numerous artifacts that are never reported or recorded and are consequently stolen, and then sold or smuggled out of the country by members of the excavation team. Local Arab villagers not associated with an archaeological team are also heavily involved in tomb robbing and reshaping artifact images, before they are eventually found in a private collection or public museum.

Museum artifacts are therefore handled, repaired, worked on, and “restored” behind the scenes before they are put on public display. Thus, the time from the initial excavation of an artifact until it is displayed for public viewing can be several years. In this time period, incredible changes are usually made to the statues, paintings, and reliefs. In fact, a careful examination of the ancient Egyptian artifacts bearing racial images in any museum or collection will demonstrate that the vast majority of items have been re-worked to change or obscure the racial identity. These museum images have been tampered with and often thoroughly de-Africanized, as they have been transformed from African to a European or some type of mixed group.

The Ra-Hotep and Nofret statues are seated in strange chairs with backboards and Mdw Ntr writing near their head. These statues are among the greatest forgeries in the history of ancient African archaeology.

[Manu Ampim, Modern Fraud: The Forged Ancient Egyptian Statues of Ra-Hotep and Nofret(forthcoming)]

The reconstruction methods of the conspirators range from crude to sophisticated, and each process has the intent of changing the African racial identity of the images. For example, paint colors are systematically lightened or completely erased; noses are broken off or sanded down on the sides to make then thinner; the length of the lips are shortened to make them appear smaller; chins are knocked off to distort the facial structure; and other images are completely fabricated.

The Ra-Hotep statue violates a long list of clearly defined rules. A few of these rules are: Ra-Hotep is a royal son and high ranking official, but he does not wear a wig; he has a gray moustache; and he never had an emblem in his right hand across his chest.

Ra-Hotep's entire kilt belt is shown on his lap, rather than the universal ancient Egyptian practice of showing one belt-end protruding from the waist line. Also, Ra-Hotep never had an emblem in his left hand.

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Nov 2018
he still don't look black or "negroid" for example these people are upper egyptians : View attachment 13882
they are dark-skinned but not black...
I'm not going to resort to picture spamming to prove my point. I posted a plethora of pharaohs and nobility on the first page proving my point, but of course none of you liars said a damn things about those photos. You only ran away from them without acknowledging that they proved my point. None the less now we have DNA to prove my point;