Opposition: Herodotus' Histories and Black Egyptians Theory

Mar 2017
You have to know nothing about Kemet or you're simply ignoring the facts. Civilization on Earth (including Mesopotamia) spring out of this ancient Nile Valley culture that stretches back past the last ice age (Over 25,000 years according to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth).
I've been following this discussion: very interesting. However, when you throw in a reference like this, it puts into question everything else you've written.

There is exactly ONE "Emerald Tablet" and it wasn't preserved on stone. It's 14 lines (that's it) have survived around 2500 yrs ... a slight order of magnitude off. This would be the time of the Persian conquest, between the ancient Pharaohs and the Greek Ptolemies. No where near the Ice Age.
Have you read it? I like Isaac Newton's translation: https://www.sacred-texts.com/alc/emerald.htm
I would describe it as a philosophic/religious poem .. with no facts about anything ... even if it's secret Hermetic code They'd have to be pretty clever to squeeze ancient secrets into a single Tweet.

Or do you mean the "13 Emerable Tablets of Thoth" that Doreal wrote about?
"Doreal has claimed to have been informed by a collection of paranormal beings on how to translate 13 emerald tablets that nobody has ever seen and that were unheard of, even in myth, prior to his claim to have translated them."
Debunking - Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean

It's my opinion, but I have more faith in Newton. He was an alchemist (besides inventing Calculus). He didn't find anything interesting in there.

I'm not making a claim about African whatevers. I'm just saying you can't use this source for anything ... it ruins your argument, whatever it might be.
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