Ordinary Men

May 2011
Navan, Ireland
One Christmas present (From me to me!) was

It is the story of reserve Police battalion 101 and their role in the Holocaust.

Its a very interesting book although depressing in many ways and the title of the book says it all the killers who slaughtered men woman and children were just ordinary men, not Nazi fanatics but older (30's and 40's) 'normal' Germans -- quite a few policemen-- and the vast majority faced no punishment.

Well worth a read

Men of battalion 101

A fair review
The Men Who Pulled the Triggers


Ad Honorem
Jan 2011
South of the barcodes
Great minds and all that.

I read it a couple of years back then ran into a couple of videos of his lectures so i bought myself a copy in November along with remembering survival, one of his follow up books.

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