Origin of magic


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When someone's tooth hurts he visits dentist. He don't pray to God ( or saint ), he don't perform any magic rituals or kundalini yoga.
Oct 2013
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When someone's tooth hurts he visits dentist. He don't pray to God ( or saint ), he don't perform any magic rituals or kundalini yoga.
Sure, makes sense. Though some do just pray to god; often with poor results.. Getting chemotherapy for a toothache is also contraindicated.


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Even if you are a skeptic, it's hard to deny the benefits of meditation, yoga, and various "soft" arts, Chi Gung, Tai Chi etc. Also the power of the placebo effect. Most practitioners would see those exercises as part of "magic" or spiritual practice. You may strongly disagree as to why they work.
I'm prepared to accept the placebo effect. There us also the well attested fact that a sense of well-being and a positive attitude is conducive to good health - depression weakens the immune system and perhaps oeioke wgi are optimistic take better care of themselves.

What I'm not prepared to accept without more scientific evidence is the efficacy of reiki, chi-gong and so on. The British NHS did a study on reiki and concluded that it had no health benefits,
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Oct 2016
Is there a correlation between imagination and magic? I don't think so.
Ummm ... dude ! You yourself , regarding magic , just said : " It's all inside person. It's imaginary. "

There is definitely a correlation, I suggest you read the links I posted for you

Nor do I think that speculations of various thinkers matters.
So ... only what you think counts eh ? Okay, lets just ignore the ideas of Heraclitus, Plotinus and Plato; Coleridge, Eliot and Hughes; Boehme, Blake and Yeats; Jung and Hillman and ......

About scientific ( not magical! ) thinking there are brilliant work of Carl Sagan 'The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark '. Btw, what is 'current lack of meaning and beauty?'.
... but you think the speculations of Sagan matters ? What would he know of such subjects ? He is a scientist !

Its like when scientists try to debunk astrology and point out that scientific information proves that the sun in astology is not even where astrologers say it is ... so they laugh and carry on and make fun of them ... totally ignorant of the difference between sidereal and tropical astrology ... that western tropical astrology is the only type that does this . And that early astologers where the forerunners of todays scientific astronomy .

Regarding your question, that is partly what the book is about , its explained there.

Life in previous times was short and hard so people needed illusions such as religious beliefs or an afterlife.
Thats rather a simplistic view of things . Do you think the vast majority of people today DO NOT have religion or belief in an after life ? If life being so bad in the past is the reason for religion and after life beliefs ... how come when life is so good in the present ( as you believe ) people still believe in all this . Its not making much sense .

How bad and ugly was life for many in previous times, so that they placed all their hopes and desires of heart in the afterlife!
Many still do .

Both spirituality and religious faith are illusions.
No, not at all, they are valid areas of the human experience, that is why we study hem in cultural anthropology . Besides, I am not talking about 'religious faith'

Universe doesn't care about people's wishes ( and often, childish wishes ). 'Western medicine an echo of the mysteries of the alchemists'. Great French physician and materialist philosopher Julien Offray de La Mettrie pointed in his work 'Man a Machine' (1747): 'The diverse states of the soul are always correlative with those of the body' Btw, at any time trade useless spiritual or philosophical trash of all times for Hume, d'Holbach, La Mettrie ( those brilliant minds of XVIII century ) :).
What ! ? AFter you said all that, you are going to state what 'The Universe' cares about or not ? :D

I think you need to read this thread carefully ... this might help as well

Isaac Newton's occult studies - Wikipedia


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Oct 2016
I once saw a magical act, where the blindfolded magician got an audience member to write a name down on a piece of paper in his hand and then said what it was. I think it was fairly obvious he could feel the movement of the pen through the paper.

The thing is the moment he started his spiel after the name was written, I knew what it was. He said "Is it a girl's name?" and I immediately said to my friend sitting next to me "It's Catherine". I don't know how I knew. I was sitting too far away to see what was being written.

My friend was freaked out when I turned out to be correct.
Some guys from Aikido club went to watch one of those 'you cant hit me guys' ( I dint bother ) . Next week I asked them about it. One thing he did was offer a wooden boken to anyone that wanted to hit him, and he sat down in lotus on floor and 'meditated' .

First guy , got ready and could not do it. The second guy came in for the hit, stopped, put the sword down and walked away (he was one of the aikido guys ) , the third one stepped in and a gentle 'bonk' on his head . The guy admitted 'Well, it doesnt work with everyone ! " :D

They asked the aikido guy later what happened and he said " I came in to hit him and I thought 'What am I doing ? I'm gonna split this old guys head open while he is sitting there defenseless' , so I just walked away . "

iIt could be a very risky 'technique' :D


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Oct 2016
When visiting an Aboriginal camp , for the first time, and they knew it, they tried to get me to take a walk down river and around the corner to see what was there . I said 'Nope " and they asked why not . I said , because I will end up in the middle of the Aboriginal 'mission' and people will throw bottles at me as they dont know me . "

They looked incredulous ! And a bit freaked out " How can you know that ."

me ... < fiercely > " Because ! I fly up in the air last night and SEE IT ! " ( but my elder / guardian mate , of that area is giggling {as he knows me pretty well } ) .... I wait for them all to get more freaked out and then ....

" Nah ! I checked this place out on google earth at home before I came here . "

As the master said to the returned renegade student , who had just walked across the surface of the river to his home and asked 'Well, what do you think of that then ? "

" I think you spent most of your life learning what the local peasants pay the ferryman a penny to achieve ."


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Oct 2016
When someone's tooth hurts he visits dentist. He don't pray to God ( or saint ), he don't perform any magic rituals or kundalini yoga.
Ha! Why dont you use the example of blood transfusions in a life threatening situation ????

Jehovah's Witnesses and blood transfusions - Wikipedia

Some even let THEIR OWN CHILDREN DIE because of it !

And you obviously have not even read the posts in this thread about natural medicine - go back and read it before you continue with your badly thought out criticisms . As a lot of what you are on about has already been addressed .