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Jul 2017
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Have those 'interpretations' been published in English ?
Yes, in at least two books.

Knowledge for the Afterlife - The Egyptian Amduat - A Quest for Immortality by Theodor Abt and Erik Hornung. The book is laid out in the format of Hornung giving a technical description of a scene in black ink, followed by Abt's Jungian analysis of that scene in blue ink. This, IMO, is best read in conjunction with Hornung's The Egyptian Amduat, which reproduces the entire work which appears in the tomb of Thutmosis III, and has the text laid out in the form of hieroglyph - transliteration - English.

The second book is:
The Sungod's Journey Through The Netherworld - Reading the Ancient Egyptian Amduat by Andreas Schweizer. This is a less technical work in that while it does follow the sequence of the 12 hours, it does not reproduce or seek to deconstruct every scene and every hieroglyph, but is probably the better book to delve straight into a Jungian analysis of the Amduat. Though again, IMO, Hornung's The Egyptian Amduat is handy to have to be able to properly reference the scenes.