Origin of Rajputs ?

Dec 2018
I have heard that there are two main theories on origin of rajputs.

1) all Rajputs are descendants of Vedic Kshatriya's.

2) Rajputs are mixture of Huns, Kushan, Sakas, Pallavas etc and Vedic Kshatriyas.

I don't know which one is true but if we belive 2nd one than we can say that rajputs are mixture of different groups.

Sun dynasty = purest original kshatritas.

Moon dynasty = Original Kshatriyas + Old Iranic warriors

Fire Dynasty = Huns, Kushan, Saka, Greek, Pallavas + original Kshatriyas.
Jan 2019
Fake Rajput spotted lol, are you going to create another hoax wikipedia page? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jahnu_Rajput

Your previous account was Chacha ji my Gujarati troll friend.

And stop trying to connect Rajputs with "Iranics, Sakas and Greeks" based of your own wacky theories. Your fetish for fair skin is disturbing.
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