Origin of The Montenegrins

Feb 2015
I'm interested to know what there origins definitively are if there is a definite answer. I am saying also as an Albanian from Montenegro. Are they a subgroup of the Serbs? Are they their own people? What do you guys believe. Reply below.

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Apr 2015
They're the Serbs, I guess you can say that they were/are a subgroup since they had a bit specific historical development after the fall of the states that inherited the empire of Stephen Dušan (though it's still debatable). The reason why they're seen as something different is the administration of the communist Yugoslavia. The present-day regime(s) in Montenegro has just developed that idea since it's in their interest.
Jul 2014
Excluding some serbs arrived in different historical moments, montenegrins are slavized albanians. This is confirmed by all historical sources. This about montenegrins. The ethnic composition of today Montenegro is another discussion.
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Jan 2013
Canberra, Australia
Montenegrin traditional society was very similar to that of the Ghegs of Northern Albania, eg a tribal organisation. In fact, the Ghegs and Montenegrins were more similar to each other in terms of their social structure and way of life (although not in language), than the Ghegs were to the Toscs of Southern Albania.

The similarity of the Montenegrins to their Gheg neighbours also differentiated them from the people of Serbia, despite their having a common language and religion. It was also what led some anthropologists such as Carleton Stevens Coon to consider the Montenegrins to be the descendants of slavonised Gheg tribesmen who had maintained their original social structure despite having adopted a Slavic language.