Original Ancient Greek Historical Fiction

Mar 2017
Hi guys,

I don't know if this is the place for this but I'm currently working on my own historical fiction novel set in ancient Greece and I need to find some beta-readers or even just a test audience, if possible.

Now, this isn't intended to be shameless self-promotion. I'm not trying to sell you guys anything or generate a following, I simply need some help. I have tried elsewhere to find said readers but I felt that here might be the best place to find readers closer to the target audience.

"The Spears of Poseidon" follows an ancient Theban, called Alopeias (hence my name), who finds himself parted from his city and unable to return. After a storm wrecks the fleet he travelled in, Alopeias finds himself and the rest of the surviving hoplites on strange shores, where he is sucked into the local politics. Through journeys in North Africa, Crete and southern France, Alopeias gains fame, glory and wealth before finally returning to Thebes to find the city occupied by Spartans. Thus, the book ends with Alopeias planning, with Pelopidas, to retake Thebes and subsequent volumes of what I am dubbing as the "Alopeiad" will focus on Alopeias, Pelopidas and Epaminondas in the rise and fall of the Theban hegemony and the fall of Sparta.

In terms of themes, there is discussion of gods and men, war and loss, politics and love and fraternity. Its style is perhaps a merging of Homer's Odyssey and Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Stories.

If anyone has any interest in helping out a fellow Historumite and acting as any kind of beta-reader or anything else, please let me know. And if this infringes on any of the codes of Historum then I again apologise but, as I said, this is for beta-readers, nothing else.