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Dec 2009
This Romanian website does not have this quote.

Anyway - you should seriously study the chronology of events, because you apparently don't know it.

Which sources first describe Slavic people - Byzantine or German?

And which Empire first fought against Slavic people - Byzantine or Frankish (Carolingian)?

And which groups of Slavs first invaded the Balkans - were those South Slavs (Sklaveni), East Slavs (Antes) or West Slavs (Venedi)?

BTW - Jordanes lived in the Byzantine Empire, and wrote his works in Late Latin language. So he counts as a Byzantine source.


In the 500s and 600s - when Greek word "skláves" appeared -, West Slavs were advancing from the Vistula River towards the Elbe River.

If anything they were capturing Germans in their westward advance, rather than getting captured by Germans, during that period.

Only during the late 700s and the 800s the "Reconquista" launched by the Carolingian Empire against Slavic lands started.
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Dec 2009
* In romanian slave means "sclav" from Latine "sclavus"
Yes, from Latin not from German. And also from Greek.

Both Latin and Greek were official languages of the Byzantine Empire.

Just a coincidence?
What were official languages of the Byzantine Empire ???

Yes it has:
You posted wrong link previously.

BTW - Google Translate is hard to read, you know?

More primitive than the Germans
Yes Germans and Slavs were more primitive than citizens of the Roman Empire.

And Slavs were more primitive than some Germanic tribes - namely than those who already adopted Roman culture (Goths, Franks, Lombards).

But other Germanic tribes - like Saxons for example - were not more advanced than Slavs, but were roughly on the same level.

Funny thing is that nowadays Romanians are more primitive than both Germans and Slavs, and have lower GDP per capita.

You see how course of history takes turns all the time. At one point you are on top, at another point you are on bottom.

Romanians should especially now this, considering how much persecution they experienced from their neighbours throughout history.

Yet Romanians - while complaining about their own mysery - like very much to laugh at misfortunes of others.

They are also full of hatred to their neighbours, for example Hungarians (I still remember your PM about Hungarians, how you despise them).
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Dec 2009
Learn some English first then post on this forum.

From this point onward I am just ignoring you. Good night.

BTW - one more thing, you wrote:

Slavonic was the language used by the Romanian state and church
Why did "culturally superior" Vlachs use the language of dirty Slavs from smelly swamps ???

And you also wrote:

This cultural influence faked the Latin character of the Romanian language and the Roman Romanians
Poor Romanians got De-Romanized by Nasty Slavs. Oh what a pity.

But what cultural influence ??? Smelly swampy culture ???

Svantevit god Rugen Island have sanctuary in Ancona where he was statue , eight feet high .
Arkona - not Ancona. Ancona is in Italy (Romanian historians must learn some geography).

Statue was eight feet high, and walls of Arkona were 30 meters high - according to Saxo Grammaticus.

I wonder if those walls were constructed of mud from smelly swamps. But according to Saxo they were wooden.
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Dec 2009
Why do Romani people (Gypsies) call themselves Romani ???

Has it nothing to do with Romanians and Romania ???

I see some similarities with your "Slavs" and "slaves" comparison.

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