Otto Rahn SS and Cathar

Feb 2013
French Republic
In 1931 moved to Ariege a young German scholar, Otto RAHN, preparing a book on the Cathars, while ensuring the development of a hotel that has taken stewardship. Very quickly the police investigate the strange tenants' chestnut, "known to most services against French intelligence. Regional journalists soon be surprised methods of this "curious researcher" who does not hesitate to draw false symbols on the walls of caves to better support his theses. Declared bankrupt by the Commercial Court of Foix, Otto RAHN, escapes imprisonment by fleeing.
His book "Crusade against the Grail" published a few years later in Germany. Montsegur is claiming that the Grail castle, he will be the starting point for the "revival of the Cathars' and pilgrimages continue to develop around the" sacred walls "of the 'temples' and nicknames" caves initiation "of Ariege.
Pampered, honored by the new masters of Germany, who see in "Crusade against the Grail" a "moment" of the National Socialist thought Otto RAHN was admitted to the holy of holies: the private staff of Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler. In April 1939, Karl Wolff, chief of staff of Himmler, will be published in a Berlin newspaper an announcement announcing the death of Otto RAHN "in a snowstorm."
Since the end of the war, hundreds of legends have been embroidered around the "hero" and his "disappearance." Christian Bernadac opened the first investigation of this extraordinary character series and reality, again, is more romantic than the novel. There is not a "mystery Otto RAHN", but dozens and dozens of "mysteries Otto RAHN." If Ranh Otto came in Ariege, is that it was spying mission and psychological action. If Otto RAHN resigned from the SS that it is because his mother and grandmother were Jewish. If the Chief of Staff of Himmler announced his death is that Otto RAHN can reappear under another identity, etc.
Christian Bernadac, advancing "coincidence coincidence" offers a solution to the "Mystery Otto RAHN." Rudolf Otto RAHN RAHN would become collaborator Abetz in Paris before ending the war Reich Ambassador to Rome, while the military leader in Italy was the same he would have known Karl Wolff in Ussat-Les-Bains before return to private Himmler Staff. Yes! No novelist could have imagined such a fate.