Out of Africa Hypothesis


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Sep 2010
Essentially what is currently in discussion is how exactly (e.g. when & how many times) did mankind come out of Africa; the superb review included & linked in the first post fundamentally summarizes the current state of the art.
I reread the first post more carefully, thank you, Sylla1, and I see that the article summary does suggest the homo sapiens migration out of Africa began 200,000 years ago. The Partial Replacement Model highlights the probablity of many separate migrations out of Africa, with many retro-migrations, and various means of gene sharing throughout the entire Pleistocene.

I might be wrong about there not being any 200,000+ year old non-African anatomically modern human (AMH) fossils. But, I wracked my brain (a poor resource, lo!) and couldn't think of any well-known non-African examples that were beyond doubt modern.

Does anyone know of any?
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