"overlord" by hastings

Nov 2008
hi guys
Im new here, and this is my first post.
in addition, my mother-lang is HEBREW so pls be patient with my errors.
Im reading now "OVERLORD" by Max Hastings, about D Day.
when he describes the landing on the shores, he refers to the "sea wall" as an obstacle or shelter.
what does he mean? what is thus sea-wall?

thanks a lot.

If you dont know, can you refer to links in whitch i can get an answer?

thank you again.


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Jul 2007
The Germans had fortified their positions along the Atlantic coast. They had things like bunkers, heavy gun batteries, barbed wire, minefields, tank traps and so on, but also concrete walls and barriers. As a whole, the system was called the Atlantic Wall - although it was intended that there should be concrete walls along the whole coastline, this was actually never completed.

Here's a pic of a section of the wall:

Oct 2008
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A lot of the concrete fortifications were sabotaged by the Eastern European prisoners used as slave labor. They would put too much sand or water into the concrete mix and this weakened the structures making it far easier for the Allies to destroy. What do you think of the invasion as a whole in terms of how it was planned, what it accomplished and how it was done?

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